The Fees

We’ve kept it as simple as possible!

Our Fees Explained

Commission Split

Based on the final sale price, we charge a commission of 50% of the final price, subject to any returns, refunds or claims. The sales price excludes postage paid by the buyer. The commission amount will be deducted from the total sales price due to you.

Hidden Fees

There are no hidden fees!

Return and Withdrawal Fees

Rejected Items:

Your Better Than New items which do not meet our quality control standards will either be returned to you or will be donated on your behalf to a local charity. This is something you can control, so when you send your items to us, make sure you tick the appropriate box.

Withdrawn Items

If you request that your Better Than New item(s) be returned to you, we will charge a withdrawal fee of £5.00 per item, plus applicable postage fees. Please note that withdrawal is only an option if the item has not yet been sold to a buyer. If your account does not have an available credit to cover the withdrawal fees, the withdrawal request must be accompanied by a payment of the withdrawal fees.